Join in on this free 4 Day Challenge that pinpoints and reveals your unique brand, your ideal clients and how you can start to convert more!

4 days of action & prompts to help you:

  • Discover your brand hang-ups
  • Get clear on your ideal clients
  • Create a cohesive brand
  • Convert more leads


Drop your deets below, and join the party when we kick off on June 18th.

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Is your branding all over the place?

let's fix that!

You’re probably thinking “Share, there is no way I can DIY fixing my website and brand and certainly no in 4 day?!” OR “I’ve tried to figure out the issues, and I’m still stumped!”

Been there. Done that and I want to let you know, it’s totally possible to narrow down on the big brand blunders you have, create actionable steps to fix them, and start working with a cohesive brand in only 4 days! I created a simple, goal based approach that helps us get focused, and get real about what is working and isn’t, in-order for us to see results. Join me and discover how easy it is to get clear and move past the overwhelm.

A FREE 4-day email challenge to help you:

  • Discover your brand hang-ups
  • Get clear on your ideal clients
  • Create a cohesive brand
  • Convert more leads

Here's a look at our time together:

Day 1

Brand Stars, Brand Hang-ups

We will uncover what’s working in your biz, and what needs an overhaul

Day 2

Brand Recovery and Alignment

We’ll figure out what pieces are needed for a cohesive brand and that falls in alignment with your big goals

Day 3

The Lovely Memorable Brand

Now that we’re cohesive, we’re working on making ourselves memorable through various touchpoints

Day 4

The Results Driven Website

Our website is our lead customer service rep. How well is it working for you? We’ll take a dive into what we can fix to make sure our website is our best employee.


Brand Goodies Challenge Recap

Yay!! We did it! Now let’s celebrate. As a recap, we’ll go over the main things you need to do to reach Brand Bliss status, and there may be a few perks for sticking through and doing the work!

You'll get:

Community Support

Facebook group for help, support and for sharing your progress

Email Training

Challenge action prompts & tips, plus workbooks delivered daily

Live Video Training

In addition to the email training, you'll get live support in the FB Group!

Results you can expect?

Focused Website • Branding That Doesn't Suck • Clarity & Aligned Visuals

Full Disclosure • This challenge will turn into a paid mini-course at $75 afterwards



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