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Thank you so much for being a part of my fresh & luxe design family. As with all businesses, these are some terms I have in place to ensure our time together is top notch and efficient.

My current hourly rate is: $75 per hour


I work with a limited (roughly 8-10) branding projects per year to ensure that each client gets the attention they deserve. I typically book projects 2-6 months in advance. For web design projects, I allot two projects per month and book projects 1-4 months in advance.


I work Monday-Thursdays from 10am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

During your project we will actively use Glip to communicate. This keeps everything organized and in one central place. I do my best to reply to all communications regarding active projects the same day (during my office hours). The max turnaround time is 48hrs, with the exception of vacations, holidays, and my family emergencies. Weekends are strictly no-communication (except if truly urgent which is to my discretion). If you’d like to chat via phone/skype/zoom, you can schedule an appointment. Scheduling calls keeps my work from being interrupted and allows me to better focus on your project.

You can reach me via email on Monday-Thursday from 10am to 4pm Eastern Standard Time. Having an emergency issue? Please ping me via IG DM over on


The total cost of each package is typically split into two equal payments. some packages have a three payment option. The first payment is due to upon booking to hold your spot in my design queue. The final payments are due at the completion of the project and before any design files are sent to the client. Invoices are sent via email and payment methods include online secure payment by credit card or a bank account. Written and mailed checks are also accepted. Initial deposits are non-refundable. Final payments are also non-refundable after the final files are sent.

A Deposit must be made to reserve a project start date. Payment plans are available on most packages and are only valid for the time specified.  Late payments will incur a $250 fee. There are no refunds once design work has started.

All invoices and balances must be cleared in-order to receive design files, website uploads, and any project related files.
If a project is abandoned, the design project will incur a $250 fee to restart and be added back to the calendar, and all payments must be made in full. An abandoned project is defined as:

  • A project in which no response has been received from the client for 30 days, at any stage of the process
  • A project in which deposit payment fails to clear and no payment arrangement has been made within 7 days
  • A project in which a late payment and late payment fee has not been receive within 30 days
  • A project in which the client has not turned in required deliverables (copy, hosting information, etc) within 30 days
  • A project in which a PayPal, Stripe, Square or Bank case has been opened
  • A project in which both parties agree to a cancellation


Items bought via Instant Download many not be shared, transferred, or copied. All copyrights are still owned by Sasha-Shae Weekes and Fresh Medley Designs Studio. If you lose your download, you may receive a new copy within 90 days of purchase, via your download link, or email.


Tech support is on a case by case basis. After a free assessment, invoices must be paid for tech support to begin.
Only 1 (one) problem will be addressed per billing hour. Invoices will be created based on the number of problems at the current hourly rate.


All communication is between Fresh Medley Designs Studio employees and the client only and may not be shared, transmitted, or copied by outside parties. Transmitting, copying, or sharing information to other parties may result in legal action. Client will be responsible for all legal fees, arbitration fees, and invoices should this occur.
Information will not be sold, or submitted, to a third party. Credit card information, hosting information, and personal information will only be submitted to Fresh Medley Design Studio over a secure HTTPS (SSL) connection.
Account information is kept securely for up to 90 days after a project has been completed. After 90 days all information is flagged for removal.


Updated: November 2017


Every experience begins with a completed project inquiry form, followed by us scheduling time to chat via a discovery call.

The call is where we will get crystal clear on how best we can move forward together. We will discuss which of my design experiences is the right fit for you, if you need any modifications and have additional requests. If all sounds well, we will begin with me sending over a final quote and agreement. You will then pay the first 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in my design queue.


Now that we are ready to dive into creating your dream solution, we first need to lay the groundwork. You’ll recieve a tailored Welcome Packet along with your unique Client Hub to be able to track progress, easily find documents and more, and your first Client homework (my Branding Workbook). 

The workbook will help me gather more information about your existing brand and website presence and determine what the best solution is for you.


Now that your client homework is done, we will start the process of gathering data on what drives you, what inspires you, what your sense of style is and how you want that to be expressed to the world.

During this phase, I will create a vibe board based on the research done and your suggested inspiration pieces, tying the look, feel and tone together visually.


The fun part begins! After your seal of approval on the Vibe Board, we will shift gears into your brand concept creation. I will make one solid brand concept and showcase how it will work across various touch points. 


Once we are sure that the brand concept is THE ONE, we can now refine it to ensure it’s truly the best it can be. This phase will include the creation of the supporting digital and print collateral items, primary and secondary logo elements,  any complementary patterns, icons or graphics, and a full branding board.

Complete &

After everything has been revised and approved in its final form, you’ll have everything ready to be delivered! Once the remainder balance of your payment is completed, all of the necessary files and formats will be added into a shared folder for you to enjoy instantly. A custom Brand Guidebook is also included, to help you utilize your new logo and supporting design elements with consistency  regardless of medium, place or platform.


Woot woot!! If you’re a brand new website design client, welcome to the FMD tribe! If you’re moving on to the website design phase as an existing branding client, then please skip ahead step two. 

We’ll start with an in-depth Zoom/Skype consultation call to uncover your current pain points with your website, and determine your overall business and site goals which will help me to guide you towards the best design and development solution for your needs.

A one-size fits all approach doesn’t cut it around here, as your business and needs are truly unique and as such, the solution we come up with together should reflect that. I currently create tailored solutions using either WordPress, ShowIt or SquareSpace. (And for companies needing something rigorous  a hand spun solution via Ruby on Rails).

Since all these platforms have varying features, every website design project is custom quoted. If you have any modifications or additional requests, we’ll address them during our call. From there, I’ll send over a finalized proposal quote and agreement for you to review and return, along with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Yayyy! We’re ready to get this experience started!

& Strategy

Detailed scheduling and planning helps keep the project on track. If you’re an existing client, you’ll get detailed schedule added to your existing client hub space. New clients will gain access to their custom Client Hub and receive their Welcome Packet for the first time.

You will complete a set of homework based on my Website Workbook, that will help us both be clear on layout, structure, and functionality for your new site.

During this phase, I will research the best options for you new website (including any 3rd party plugins, themes/templates if needed) and also discuss the overall logistics of your site including the content, copywriting and professional photography you’ll need to ensure your new site shines with clarity and poise.


Based upon your homework answers, given website references, and my knowledge of your overall brand and website design goals, I will start the exploration process crafting a style tile that allows us a fast way of assessing the look and feel of your new website design. It allows us to tie elements of your brand together with potential colors, design elements and layout styles, without fulling committing to a mockup.

Design + Development

The fun part begins! Upon approval of your chosen style tile, I will use that tile to begin the process of creating a full responsive design mockup of your website. I design and develop for desktop and mobile devices concurrently, to ensure careful consideration of the experience on all platforms and screen sizes.  Special consideration is always given to optimizing the overall user experience, and maintaining  brand integrity, to ensure that your website feels like a natural extension of your brand to your customers and visitors.

When you’ve given the mockups your full stamp of approval, I will begin to translate them into a functional pixel perfect, and truly mobile responsive website experience. You will be able to review the website at specific times as I build as your feedback is extremely valuable in this process!


When your website development process is near to it’s completion we will plan a Zoom/Skype call and we will walk through the entire site together on a page by page basis. This will allow us to review everything with a fine tooth comb together and ensure that we’ve addressed all design and technical issues. Should there be any inconsistencies in our site review experience, we’ll know and will be able to address those issues. After fixing those issues in development, we will do another call for a final walkthrough of the site, for your final approval and to prepare you for launch!

Launch &

Woot woot!!! You made it to end of the project! You’re ready for launch! At this point, development ends and we get you ready for the limelight, which includes basic SEO work, a finalized check on your content, and images, and also test any extra bits we may have added in at the last minute to ensure everything works as we expect!

Once the remainder of your balance is paid, we will begin the transition process of moving the site over to your own hosting servers and help moving your domain name over. Any complimentary assets that were created for your project will be shared with you via a convenient shared folder for your personal use. You will then be given opportunity to schedule a 30 minute site training sessions so we can go over the ins and outs of your new website and as well discuss site maintenance and your options. You will also receive 10 days of support and troubleshooting time after the project has gone live, this will help smooth out any updates or things that arises right after going live.

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