Seasons and The Fresh Start

Seasons and The Fresh Start

Whew! That’s the first thing I could say as I concluded I was close to the release of the new website design for FMD Studio. After literally months of telling myself I need to update but life being hectic, client work keeping me busy and just not feeling as though I was ready to push anything forward with my own thing, I finally have done it.

With this comes a season of change, a refreshing of my creativity and renewed start. Over the last year, I’ve been blessed to have had some experiences that allowed me to grow, to hone in and get focused on what I am trying to offer, and also to just really dig deep within myself about how best I can serve.

Over the course of this month, you can expect some blog posts from me. I want to share with creatives, wedding industry professionals and also my fellow designers and developers whatever I can that will help us all get past the overwhelm, and into running streamlined businesses. I have a lot of ideas, but honestly, I’m just very excited, relieved and thankful, to finally have this new fresh leaf turned in the book of FMD Studio.

Bear with me, as I continue to make edits to the site, and please feel free to share with me any content ideas you have that you’d love to see me discuss on the blog. Thank you to every single one of you, who have patiently stood by, supported and rallied around me and my creative brain child named Fresh Medley Designs Studio. Your love doesn’t go unnoticed. A big thank you, to all the fab clients who have trusted me to help them craft their visions. You guys are the real MVPs!

Now, that the season of change and newness has begun, I look forward to the journey we will have together. If you haven’t joined me yet in the exclusive Fresh & Luxe List, come on and join in. I’ll be giving some extra loving to my vips there.

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Hey there! I'm a Visual Design Strategist, focused on helping WedPreneurs, Creatives and Business Owners soar online and off with unique visual solutions. I do this through branding, website design + development and educational resources. When I'm not designing or coding, I'm likely to be blogging on lifestyle and beauty over at (my beauty blog), helping others, enjoying beautiful moments with my husband, crafting up glamorous visual treats, or reading some article or book (that's if I'm not caught singing off key or just being silly first).

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  1. Looks great! Cheers to you for the great progress.

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